Ways to Mental Wellbeing

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CLANG stands for Connect, Learn, Active, Notice, Give and is an acronym that reminds us of five simple ways to help us to maintain our mental health and wellbeing.  Below you will find a little more about what the CLANG message is about and also links to help you to access services and activities that will help you to get more out of life as well as helping you to look after your mental wellbeing.  You could also pass these ideas on to members of your family or to friends.


Connect 1

Connecting with family and friends can make a huge difference to your life and also to others.  A phone call, a couple of emails or a few texts can help you feel connected to the ones you love.  Why not meet up for a cup of tea or coffee or arrange to go walking together?

Please click here to visit our ‘Whats On’ page to see events that might help you to connect with others.

Learn 1

Learning new things is fun and will make you more confidence. Why not try something new or rediscover old interests. Perhaps you could learn to play a musical instrument, get smart with computers or surprise your family and friends by learning how to cook new recipes.

To find out more about learning opportunities, please click here to visit our Links and Downloads page or click here to visit our ‘Whats On’ page.

Active 1

Keeping active helps us to keep fit and to feel good about ourselves. You could go for a walk or a run or cycle; do some gardening; take up dance classes or find something else that you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility and fitness.

Want to be more active? Please click here to visit our Local Gyms page for more information and here to visit our links and downloads page to find information on other activities.

Notice 1

Noticing what’s around you and living for the moment can help you appreciate and savour your life. Be curious, catch sight of the beautiful, savour the moment and you will probably feel better. 

Give 1

Giving to others and to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding. Try doing something nice for a friend or helping out a neighbour; make someone’s day with a smile. You could also offer volunteer your time to help others – why not join one of the time banks operating in the city. To find out more about employment or volunteering opportunities, please click here to visit our Links and Downloads page.

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